Mobility and Air Purifiers

Given the quality of air in urbanscapes, indoors are as bad as outdoors. Air purifiers are no longer a fancy gadget but a device that is essential to keep the breeding of viruses, bacteria, fungi etc. at bay. The Lotus is an air purifier is a different breed simply because it features portable units that you can carry from room to room.

Lotus purifies via the main unit and its three portable air balls. The main unit focuses on general purification, the balls are handy and rechargeable. Ther are classified as Pure Ball, Odor Ball and Humid Ball and are designed to serve a specific purpose.

Pure Ball eliminates biological contaminations and sterilizes; Odor Ball eliminates the bad odors and diffuses perfume; and Humid Ball adjusts the humidity. Each ball has a unique icon on it representing its function, which helps to choose the application. Both Lotus main unit and the air balls can be controlled easily by a smart phone app. The project is a part of the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab competition.

Designer: Fulden Dehneli