Virtual Shopping

The Future hunter-gatherer’ is a device that quite literally gets you to start cooking with a virtual hunt in your kitchen. Allow me to explain; this is a device that recreates a holographic experience of sourcing ingredients, right in your kitchen. You can shop from a holographic supermarket or a fish market and get food delivered to your doorstep.

You can even use the device to play a pleasant hunting, fishing or farming game, depending on your culinary expertise and dietary needs. In a nutshell, ‘The Future hunter-gatherer’ takes you back to the roots of hunting, farming and gathering via a virtual experience. So while you gain knowledge about how our ancestors sourced food, you get fresh produce delivered home. This concept is a part of the 2014 Top 35 Shortlisted entries of the Electrolux Design Lab Competition.

Designer: Pan Wang

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    • Hunter says:

      Too bad holographs are almost impossible to make.

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