Transitional Training Bike

Just like clothes and shoes, the average children’s bike must be replaced as little ones get bigger, but Miilo is a training cycle that grows up with the kid that rides it! After they’ve mastered the basics and grown taller, simply disassemble the frame and flip it upside down to create a more suitable ride for their new skills and size. The other essential components are also extendable, making it easy to convert from a tike-size trainer to single-gear in a flash. Better yet, kids will have more confidence riding the “same” bike they’ve been accustomed to!

Designer: Andreas Bhend


  • john Cataño says:

    Our kids in Colombia have many problems to go to elementary school in our remote community this bike will be the best for all of them

  • Ana says:

    Congratulations Andreas!
    I loved your idea for bikes.
    You have these bikes for sale? I live in Brazil, there is some how to send?
    thank you.

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