Flexible Colander

The typical shape of a colander has undergone many changes and as we have seen earlier, many designers prefer a flat version. Adding to the lineup is this Flexible Colander, one that fits all sizes of IKEA 365+ series pans. Apparently this five-slot flat shape design makes it easy to store and transport. Crafted from PP (polypropylene), the base of the flexible colander is a silicon handle for the thumb.

To Use:

  • Press the silicon handles and push, and then left hand side (base of the flexible colander) will be locked tightly.
  • Next press the other side and lock it. The flexible colander will fix tightly, and we can start to strain water.
  • The strain holes on the colander show the exactly pan sizes and where to put the pan on. These holes make people know how to use this colander more easily.
  • Flexible Colander is also an inclusive design that suitable for most pans of other brands.

Designer: Ho-Tzu (River) Cheng

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