Portable, Flexible and Versatile SLR

If you seek these three qualities in an SLR, then Arti Patel has a solution for you. Her concept, All.Round SLR Camera works with a basic camera structure where photographs are captured using Universal Lens or Lens mount in front, and transferred through flexible circuits and wirings inside the mesh to an OLED screen at the back. The mesh gives you the advantage of 360-degree flexibility and helps capture pictures from any angle.

As Arti explains, “The meshed body is expandable and collapsible and is controlled by body holders making this SLR a lightweight & portable camera to carry around for daily use. OLED screen at the back lets the users do unlimited framing, as it stretches out in multiple directions (i.e. for landscape pictures, it becomes wider while taking pictures helping photographers to shot in scenes) This SLR Camera solves the current gap in Camera design, and fulfills the very basic needs and answers to daily frustrations of photographers.”

Designer: Arti Patel