Interactive Electronic Jewelry

How would you like your bracelet display a bunch of text, the text you desire, the text you love? If Biju Neyyan is a designer who has some clout in the future, you can bet that this project, “eJOUX” will bring that functionality to your wrist and neck. This project consists of a Bluetooth device to which you upload your own specific design, animation, or functionality. One screen all around the band is what it is.

Turn it into a swish of blowing leaves, connect it to your music player and display text telling you the track or sound-activated animation, all of this on flexible screen technology. Welcome to the future, where someone can send you more than a message to your mobile phone – welcome to a future where electronically, your friend can send you a design you can wear instantly! Super fun. Do want.

Designers: Biju Neyyan

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