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Welcome to the nest. It’s not a bird’s nest. It’s a nest for hexes. And when I say hexes I mean lights. Made in order to remind the user of home, where the heart is, where one can truly relax. Like a home whose components are all plug-and-play, the frame acts as the gopher holes, and the hexagon-shaped lights like the gophers. But hanging from the ceiling. And each hole makes the bulb burn brighter.

Slap those hexagons right in the hexagons. Each of the holes makes a different result. And as you can see, they’re all good! Find a fabulous larger room in your house or office or amazing building from whens you serve fabulous foods.

Course Director: Dr. Hsien-Hui TANG @ NTUST Design Dept.

Designer: Hsiso-Yuan Huang

Hexanest lighting solution by Hsiso-Yuan Huang



Hexanest lighting solution by Hsiso-Yuan Huang


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