Tea Bag Lights Up your Night, Literally

Surely you caffeine addicts will agree, coffee truly is the sexually oriented drink – It picks you up! It illuminates your world, if I may say so. Designer / Bookmark Maker Wonsik Chae takes this concept to an elegant level by making the drop-in tea bag light up your environment chemically. For those whose eyes are sensitive to brightness in the mornings, I recommend a different cup. For those who love lamp(s), drop it!

As the tea bag empties its taste into a tea cup, so does the “Lighting Bag” empty its light into any fluid-holding container. What Wonsik hopes to accomplish with this project is to tear down the idea that creating forms from which light can be projected must be a difficult task – he wants light forms to flow easily.

Having a manifesto for your industrial design project can be a dangerous rope to walk – what do you make of Wonsik’s liquid light concept?

P.S. I must say, I LOVE the URL of Wonsik’s portfolio, as it plays on the pronunciation of the name: http://www.onesik.com/, and be sure to see the Contact page – it’s beautiful!

Designer: Wonsik Chae

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