Lisbon’s Iconic Bica Funicular Railway gets a stunning 2997-brick LEGO recreation

Anyone who’s visited Portugal has undoubtedly encountered the Ascendor da Bica… either in person or through a postcard, a fridge magnet, or perhaps a tourist recommendation. The Ascendor da Bica is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a vibrant thread woven into the fabric of Lisbon’s identity. Christened “The Bica Funicular,” it scales the steep hills of the Bica district with a unique charm. LEGO builder Peter_Designs’ creation reflects this spirit faithfully. The tram itself is a marvel of LEGO engineering, built at a 20.5-degree angle to mirror the real tram’s ingenious solution to conquer Lisbon’s challenging topography. This intricate build utilizes 2997 pieces (with 773 being dedicated to the cart alone), ensuring not only structural stability but also a remarkably accurate representation of the tram’s distinctive design.

Designer: Peter_Designs

The set extends beyond the meticulously crafted tram, offering a delightful recreation of the surrounding cityscape. With a staggering 2224 pieces dedicated just to the scenery, the build incorporates colorful buildings in a style reminiscent of Lisbon’s architecture. A detailed platform completes the scene, providing the perfect stage to display the tram in all its glory. The total piece count reaches a substantial 2997, promising a rewarding and immersive building experience for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages.

But the Ascensor da Bica’s appeal transcends its impressive brickwork. This set offers a unique opportunity to add a historical landmark with a touch of whimsy to your LEGO world. Imagine this iconic tram, painstakingly recreated in LEGO form, gracefully navigating the slopes of your existing LEGO City. The set even includes functional tracks, allowing you to integrate the tram seamlessly into your cityscape and transport minifigures (not included) on a scenic journey, just like their real-life counterparts.

Peter_Designs’ motivation behind this creation is evident – a love for Lisbon and a passion for LEGO. Their design choices reflect a deep appreciation for the city’s charm and the Ascensor da Bica’s undeniable appeal. Whether you’ve had the pleasure of wandering Lisbon’s cobbled streets and marveling at the Bica Funicular, or simply dream of visiting this vibrant city someday, this set offers a delightful way to celebrate Portugal’s rich heritage and experience the magic of Lisbon from the comfort of your home.

The Ascensor da Bica LEGO Ideas project is currently in the crucial stage of garnering support from the LEGO community. With enough votes from passionate LEGO enthusiasts like yourself, this little piece of Lisbon could become a reality for LEGO fans worldwide. Imagine gifting this set to a friend who has fond memories of Lisbon, or displaying it proudly in your home – a constant reminder of the beauty and ingenuity that LEGO bricks can bring to life! Head down to the LEGO Ideas website if you want to vote for the LEGO Ascensor da Bica.