Dragspelhuset – the Accordion House by 24H Studio

This extention is to an original cabin from the 1800’s, located on the shore of the lake Ovre Gla in the nature reserve Glaskogen in Sweden. According to swedish building regulations it is not allowed to built along the lake shore unless it is an extention to an existing building. It also can not exceed a maximum floor area and the building must stay 4.5 meters clear of the site boundary.

Given by the building regulations Architect 24 made an extention to the cabin that can evolve, the building literally adjust itself to its environment depending on weather conditions, season or the number of occupants. The extention unfurls like a butterfly; during the winter it’s a cocoon, compact with a double skin against the cold. During the summer it unfold its wings for extra shelter during rainy days.

Architect: 24H [ Via: Treehugger ]