Turn on the Quiet

This audio device, called Joe, will be your bestie when it comes to your personal office space at work. When surrounding noise pollution is disturbing your flow, Joe produces white noise (a sound composed of all audible frequencies to the human ear) to essentially “cancel-out” cacophony so you can focus. It’s like being in your own imaginary bubble of isolation when you don’t have the option to close the door! Vid after the jump!

Designers: Schmitt Nicolas & Hélène Casado

Joe from Nicolas Schmitt on Vimeo.


  • Ywar says:

    Is this only a design concept or does it actually (in reality) cancel out sound the way it’s illustrated in the video? The way the audio sounds in the video, it seems to be post-edited. Also, to “cancel-out” sound of all those frequencies (Mid range if talking about the human voice/chatter) is EXTREMELY difficult if not impossible with our current sound technology. I am very interested in this design and would like to know if what was shown in the video is real/true.

  • r. Kirlin says:

    Where to buy in the U.S.?

  • R. Kirlin says:

    where to buy white noise machine called joe in the U.S.?

  • Ines Rodrigues says:

    I live in Brasil and i want to buy this machine called Joe, what i have to do to get it? Thank you. Ines

  • yusuf says:

    where can I buy white noise device machine in turkey?

  • Jorge Fernandes says:

    Prezada Inês
    Você conseguiu descobrir como comprar o aparelho?
    Minha esposa sofre de misofonia, e esta seria a possibilidade dela levar uma vida melhor. Mas eu não encontrei informações de aquisição.
    Se você conseguiu, por gentileza nos informe
    Muito obrigado
    Jorge Fernandes

  • Caroline Mathias Castilho says:

    Where can I buy it?

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