ChatGPT-Powered Audio Dock Can Record, Transcribe, and Summarize Your Calls, Saving Hours of Work

Think of the HiDock H1 as your AI assistant on steroids. Designed as a pretty slick-looking multiport dock for your PC or Mac, the HiDock H1 does more than simply give your machine extra ports. It works as an all-capable AI-enabled audio dock for your internet calls, meetings, and memos. HiDock H1 works with both your desktop/laptop as well as your phone, functioning across websites/apps like Skype, Google Meet, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and even WhatsApp and YouTube. It records audio, transcribes it for you, and can even generate summaries like to-do lists, outlines, etc… A slider activates the HiDock H1’s two-way noise canceling algorithm for crystal-clear audio and video calls on both sides, and if all that wasn’t enough, the HiDock H1 even lets you fast-charge your laptop and phone at 100W and 18W respectively.

Designer: Linna Peng

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $299 ($150 off). Hurry, 59/170 left!

While most people fear the prospect of AI taking our jobs, the actual reality is that AI is capable of making us better at our jobs. By handling mundane tasks, AI can free us up to actually do what we’re good at. AI isn’t replacing us soon… it’s empowering us, and the HiDock H1 is proof of that fact. While outwardly the HiDock H1 appears to be a multiport dock for your PC, it packs a few extra features that take the elbow grease out of your meetings and group calls. A control panel on the front of the HiDock H1 allows you to answer/end calls, mute or unmute yourself, or record your call directly with just one press of a button. A volume knob lets you control the HiDock H1’s output level (it has its own speaker unit), and a slider button activates the dock’s Bidirectional Noise Canceling feature, allowing you to choose how powerful the BNC is… but HiNotes, HiDock H1’s app, is where its secret sauce lies.

Transcribe with State-of-the-art AI Engine – Unlock lightning-fast and precise transcription with HiNotes, supporting 57 languages and long recordings.

Real-time VoiceMark with One Press – Make a VoiceMark to highlight anything that matters to you during recordings and HiNotes will intelligently analyze the content before and after the marker during the transcription.

Organized Summary by ChatGPT – Whether it’s a Zoom or Teams meeting or a casual call via Facetime or WhatsApp, HiNotes intelligently summarizes them into well-structured notes.

The app lets you record conversations not just on your laptop, but even the ones on your phone. Bluetooth 5.2 allows the HiDock H1’s control panel to work with both your laptop as well as your phone, letting you record calls directly to the app. The HiNotes web app runs ChatGPT’s API to supercharge these recordings, letting you transcribe them in as many as 57 languages; and then perform additional actions like summarizing them, turning them into memos, or letting choose from a variety of preset templates for phone calls, online lectures, and meetings. Additionally, you can even add ‘voice marks’ during recordings that get highlighted within the HiNotes app, enhancing your ability to locate key information in lengthy recordings, sort of like bookmarks in a book.

While the app may be HiDock H1’s most impressive (and attractive) feature, it doesn’t take away from how darned impressive the dock’s hardware actually is. On the front of the dock is a high-fidelity speaker unit with a 5W tweeter, 7W full-band driver, and a passive radiator delivering crisp, balanced audio that’s as good for calls as it is for music and movies. The control panel right beside it is purely physical (no touchscreen elements) and has a tactile knob for volume control. On the side is a contact-point system for a snap-on wireless headset module that lets you switch to headset-mode for private calls or while on the move. The module contains its own single earpiece that pairs with the HiDock H1, reminiscent of the early 2000s with every businessperson wearing a Jabra Bluetooth earpiece!

Flip the HiDock H1 over and you’ve got as many as 11 different ports that help supercharge your laptop. Two 4K@60Hz HDMI ports let you hook dual external displays to your laptop, while an ethernet port gives you a 2.5Gbps wired connection. An SD and a MicroSD card slot lets you, well, connect memory cards, making it perfect for photographers. Finally, two USB-A ports help hook thumb drives, while three USB-C ports enable both power and data delivery. The HiDock H1 can output up to 118W of power, making it a perfect pass-through charging solution for your laptop and a fast-charger for your smartphone.

The hardware works right out of the box, in tandem with all popular meeting software and services (a pretty impressive feat for its introductory $149 price tag on launch), while the app runs on ChatGPT’s API to provide its AI features. Given that circumstance, the app runs on a subscription model, with 1,000 minutes of recording/transcription for $9.9 a month, or 12,000 minutes for $49 yearly. Your calls get recorded only when you press the HiDock H1 button on the device, and recordings are stored locally, protected by end-to-end 256-bit encryption. Since HiDock H1 uses OpenAI’s APIs, it’s kept private and isn’t used to train any AI model, ensuring your conversations don’t ever make it to the cloud or to ChatGPT’s database servers (in line with OpenAI’s privacy statement).

Given its capabilities, there’s quite literally nothing the HiDock H1 can’t do. It works as a multiport dock, a hi-fi speaker, a control panel for video calls/meetings, and an AI-powered assistant that helps extract every bit of noteworthy information from your online interactions. Ultimately, it frees up clutter on your desk by being a powerful, compact multiport solution, ensures high-quality calls with its Bidirectional Noise Cancelation, and frees up hours of work each day by recording, transcribing, and formatting information from your day-to-day meetings for you. Now that’s an AI-enabled future I don’t mind settling for!

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $299 ($150 off). Hurry, 59/170 left!