Stainless steel trays represents “coexistence” kind of design

There are some every day items that I use that I don’t really think about the design principle behind them. Sometimes I don’t even think about the design itself as long as it does what it’s supposed to do. But maybe that’s why I’m not a product designer. Ever since I’ve been writing about them though, it has become more interesting to find out why such items are created the way they are, like these minimalist and simple-looking trays.

Designer Name: Irene Yeung (Derangedsign Co. Limited)

Coexistence is a concept for a stainless steel tray set that takes its inspiration from the ancient philosophical theory “The Sky and Earth Coexist”. It basically says that things are relative to each other like the sky and earth, light and dark, etc. Basically, it’s made up of two tabletop trays that are circular but with landscape or waving surfaces to make it also look like art sculpture.

Each tray can be used individually if you need two trays for serving food or for putting stuff on your table. They can also be set upside-down on top of each other in different variations and depending which surface you want to use as a tray. The designer says it can also become one large tray although the product renders don’t show how it can be combined into that variation.

The stainless steel trays have a crisp, mirror finish so if that’s the aesthetic of your dining table or your living space, it should fit right in. The mold they used was specifically designed to make 2 trays so it’s really meant to show the connected duality that the design principle is based on.