This Wheel-less Bicycle replaces the Rubber Tire with multiple Sandals and the results are… surprising

Sergii Gordieiev is well known for his unique creations, showcasing his DIYs on the YouTube channel ‘The Q’ for people who love things out of the box. The wheel-less bicycle and square-wheeled ride are the prime examples. His love for customizing an ordinary bicycle is not going to fade away soon, as the slipper bicycle proves it all right.

As weird as it sounds, wait until you see the full video transcript. Sergii manages to slap the tarmac with this unusual ride one slipper at a time and that trippy sound is so irritatingly addictive. Everything apart, the level of detail and the amount of creative intent that the DIYer brings to each of his DIYs is worth appreciating. What next is he going to do with a bicycle is anybody’s guess, but for now, enjoy this one.

Designer: Sergii Gordieiev

On first look, it seems the slippers will wear out from all the spanking on the road but there are 14 metal cutouts to take all the weight and contact force when the bicycle is paddled forward. These metal cutouts become the base for an outrageous-looking set of wheels for an adult bike. Both the wheel frames are designed from scratch with meticulous cutting and molding of the metal. Thereafter the wheels are attached to the bicycle frame.

The final step involves sliding on the rubber slippers onto each of these metal struts. Sergii fits each of the wheels with 12 yellow slippers and two black slippers to create a contrasting look when the wheels turn. The best thing about his creations is that no matter how much non-functional the bikes look, they glide on the road beyond anyone’s expectations. This one is no different as he takes a casual ride in the park to onlookers’ amazement.