Teenage Engineering DJ Console concept brings OP-1 style aesthetics to the deejaying world

Teenage Engineering has become an inseparable part of the music community in the past decade. Ever since their OP-1 synth debuted on Swedish House Mafia’s music video for their song ‘One’, the company has been on a rise, launching Pocket Operators, recording/playback gear, turntables for children, and even venturing into phones for Nothing and the R1 AI device for Rabbit. Their position in the new-age music industry, however, remains cemented for the next few years to come – but if there’s one device missing from their music-making tech repertoire, it’s a great DJ console. While most people love making music, there’s a case to be made that if you want to connect with your listeners, you need to perform your music too – and deejay consoles help artists do just that. Designed to bridge this product gap, Chris Matthews designed the OP-J, a Teenage Engineering-inspired console for disc jockeys looking to play and remix tunes.

Designer: Chris Matthews

Deejay consoles don’t really need to be portable, but there’s an understated beauty to how sleek the OP-J is. It’s about as thick as its synthesizer sibling, with the same design language running through. You’ve got two rotating discs, knobs, keys, buttons, cross-faders, a speaker, and two screens that guide you through playback as well as effect settings.

Keeping in theme with the company’s focus on music creation, the OP-J allows you to do more than just play and merge tracks. Sure, it’s a pretty capable DJ console, with everything a disc jockey would need to get on stage and drop the bass… but you’ve got 8 keys and 8 more buttons to record/trigger loops, play melodies, or activate certain intros/outros to spice up your songs. Although it isn’t shown here, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could hook the OP-1 to the setup and take your performance to even higher levels.

Color-coded knobs let you control effects and envelopes, while a dedicated display just for the effects lets you monitor what you’re up to. It’s unusual for a DJ console to come with its own speaker, but just in case you want to practice in the privacy of your home or hotel room, the OP-J lets you nerd out without needing a separate speaker system. Yes, audio jacks on the bottom let you hook external speakers if you can, or headphones so you can preview tracks before cueing them.

The OP-J is just a fan-made concept for now, but if someone from Teenage Engineering reads this, we all could use an OP-style deejay console! Besides, let’s also take some time out to appreciate the Darth Vader-esque black and red version below?!