Saucepan Lid with a Built-in Chimney to filter fumes might be the most brilliant idea of the decade

Whoever invented this deserves a Nobel prize. Imagine being able to cook at home without staining your walls with oil, or without flagging the smoke detector. Meet Oilvent, a simple splatter-proof lid that sits on top of any pan you’re cooking with. Equipped with its own built-in chimney, the Oilvent filters and scatters fumes, while catching oil molecules that often end up creating grease-films around our kitchen. Instead of your kitchen needing to have a chimney, the Oilvent just directly puts one right over your utensil. It’s perhaps the smartest product I’ve seen in a while and costs 1/5th of what a modular kitchen chimney would.

Designer: oilvent

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Think of the Oilvent as basically a portable chimney that fits on top of any cooking utensil you have. It has the shape and size of a large lid, sitting on small saucepans, wide skillets, or even large crock pots with ease. A mesh lid helps prevent splattering liquids from splashing out and onto the counter (or on you), and a handle focuses in on the center of the lid, which has a built-in air venting and filtration system. It’s a simple solution to a very common kitchen problem – smoke, grease, splatters, and VOCs. I say ‘simple solution’ because it’s so easy to visually grasp the two distinct parts of the Oilvent’s design… but on the inside, it’s a cleverly engineered chimney system that uses multiple filtration layers, and a powerful yet quiet fan that keeps your kitchen free of dense smoke and strong odors.

The Oilvent’s design truly evokes one of those “why did nobody ever think of this before?” moments. It comes with a lid-shaped form factor that also stands vertical, like a fan. This means, you can either use the Oilvent as a lid while cooking, or if you’ve got multiple burners working, just place the Oilvent vertically near your stove and it works like a chimney, sucking fumes from your stovetop in and filtering them out. For a more messy meal, however, all you need to do is lift the Oilvent and place it horizontally on top of your cooking vessel.

Place the Oilvent on top of your pan, switch the fan on, and two things happen – for starters, the Oilvent’s outer mesh layer keeps bubbling liquids or hot oil from splashing out of the pan and onto your counter or your skin. Simultaneously, the Oilvent’s mini-chimney gets to work, sucking air through as many as 4 different layers to catch grease molecules, charcoal soot, dense smoke, and volatile organic compounds or VOCs. The cooking fumes that usually happen during roasting, frying, sauteing, or reducing get turned into vapor – vapor that doesn’t stink up your kitchen, grease your walls, or trigger your smoke alarm.

The Oilvent’s large design means it can sit on any utensil comfortably without you worrying about size. Measuring 380mm or 15 inches wide, it works perfectly with all your utensils, sitting comfortably on top of their rim. The wide metal mesh serves an additional purpose apart from just containing splatters – it works as a sieve too, allowing you to do things like strain out pasta water, bacon fat, chicken/beef/veggie stock, etc. Use it just the way you’d use a strainer to separate liquids from solids… smart, eh?!

Four different filters in the Oilvent’s chimney help capture and purify fumes

The Oilvent works straight out of the box, needs no installation the way a chimney would, and can be used in both on-utensil and standing formats. A single button lets you switch the fan on or off, and toggle through 3 different speed settings. Even at its highest speed, the fan just outputs 42 decibels, which is around the decibel level in a library. Once you’re done using the Oilvent, simply detach the handle (which houses the electronics) and place the mesh in a dishwasher to clean it.

The Oilvent comes in one singular size, and runs on long-lasting 18650-type batteries. These batteries are rechargeable, offering more than 2 hours of continuous usage, and depleted batteries can be juiced in just 10-20 minutes using a standard battery charger.

Designed to practically replace chimneys, the Oilvent is perfect for small homes, rented apartments, RVs, hostels/dorms, or any place where a chimney is difficult to come by. It’s versatile, works flawlessly, can be used both standing/resting positions, and costs just a fraction of what a modular chimney would. The Oilvent’s filtration system should last as long as the product does, although the activated charcoal filter is the only part that needs replacing every 2-3 months. Each Oilvent does come with a spare set of AC filters to make things easier. The Oilvent starts at $69, and ships globally.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $139 (50% off) Hurry! Only 206 out of 700 left.