Inflatable helmet lets you carry it around conveniently when not in use

If you ride a bicycle or a motorcycle regularly, one of the most necessary but cumbersome things is to carry your protective helmet with you at all times. Of course you need one for safety and legal purposes but they’re usually bulky, heavy, and a pain to bring around. We’ve seen several start-ups attempt to come up with an inflatable version and this is one of the latest ones to be announced.

Designer: Ventete

The Ventete aH-1 bicycle helmet is designed to be flattened and portable when not in use but with just a few pumps of air, it is inflated into an actual protective helmet. It comes with an electric pocket pump so you don’t need to worry about running out of air to blow it up, so to speak. When it’s time to pack it up, you can deflate it and fold it like an accordion then put it in your bag.

The ribbed design of the helmet gives it a texture that lets you fold it like an accordion but flattened to fit into your bag or to carry it lightly around. When deflated, it actually looks like a boomerang but they say that the thickness is that of a laptop. When inflated, it looks like a cosplayer’s crown with its ribbed design that sometimes looks like spikes. So you also have that unique and interesting looking factor.

They have not yet announced the specifications and pricing of the Ventete aH-1 bicycle helmet but they are already promoting it heavily so details may come out soon. It would be interesting to see how it can compare to other startups that have their own inflatable helmets starting out in the market as well.