This multifunctional racing wheel has integrated keyboard and gamepad for all your PC gaming needs

For PC gamers having the right set of peripherals goes a long way in giving them strategic advantage. Be it a gaming keyboard, mouse, gamepad, or steering wheel with pedal inputs – different genres of games demand a varied setup. Take for example racing games that are best played with a steering wheel setup, Battle Royales that need the precise input of a mouse and keyboard, and strategic Multiplayer titles that require a hybrid input of a joystick gamepad.

Eventually, a serious gamer will end up buying the best of all these accessories that’ll take up space on their desk or cabinet. So, how about a multifunctional gaming controller that integrates a keyboard, gamepad and steering wheel into one? A smart peripheral that can be customized depending on the specific needs of the user.

Designer: Thulir S S

This concept design for the brand Logitech more than just caught my eye for the right reasons. Called the Logitech G360, the gaming peripheral is ultra-compact and solves the intended purpose. The highly versatile device is designed aesthetically to not take too much space while keeping the gaming function of each of them, or combined configuration in mind. On the steering wheel base, the gamepad and keyboard are configured to handle the car’s directional inputs, while the connected pedals register the speed, braking and clutch inputs. Simply mount it onto your desk and you’re ready for intense racing action.

When you’re done playing a racing title, you can take out the gamepad from the housing and connect it to play an MMO. For playing real-time shooting titles you can employ the ultra-compact keyboard designed keeping in mind the required input keys for such games. Each of these devices has their independent Bluetooth connectivity hardware, so you don’t have to worry about latency or connection issues.

To add a bit of flair to the whole setup, Thulir imagines the gaming peripheral in sporty Fourmula-1 themes of Red Bull Racing in blue, McLaren in orange and Ferrari in red. I was taken aback by the level of thought put into the design of this concept Logitech gaming accessory. The idea is smart and PC gamers already be licking their fingers.