Peloton meets Spatial Video – The HoloBike is an exercise bicycle with a 4K holographic, immersive screen

Wouldn’t you enjoy your exercises much more if they were immersive? It’s why apps like Beat Saber and Supernatural have become such hits in the VR community, offering a true exercise experience while transporting you from your home to somewhere different and more enjoyable. Your regular home gym, Rower Machine, or Peloton won’t do that, but the HoloBike will. With a design one can only describe as future-minimalist, the HoloBike is a cutting-edge spin cycle or exercise bike that comes with a massive 27-inch 4K holographic display on front. Think gaming monitor, but powered by exercise, letting you move around in a virtual space as you cycle. You can drive on virtual highways across the outback, cruise off-road on forest trails, or even on mountain terrains like the Alps. The faster you cycle, the faster you move in VR… except without needing to wear 3D glasses or a clunky nausea-inducing VR headset.

Designers: LAYER Design & Saga Holographic

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If you stop thinking of the HoloBike as a bike and start thinking of it as a massive gaming controller, it all makes sense. Instead of pressing a forward button or left and right to turn, you cycle and steer to progress in the virtual space. It’s an innovative bridge between the rigor of exercise and the fun of gaming and exploration, but in the comfort of your house. Most exercise equipment leaves you staring at walls or at small displays with stats – the HoloBike immerses you in an environment that you can cycle around, letting you choose your trail.

“When I’m riding outdoors, I can go for 3 hours just absorbed in that captivating rhythm of moving through space. But even 10 minutes training on a stationary bike feels painfully monotonous. That phenomenon of time dilation is fascinating. If we could tap into that sense of flow, we could create a more meditative training experience that enhances focus and endurance,” says Samuel Matson, Saga CEO and Founder.

The hyper-minimalist design of the HoloBike is thanks to LAYER Design, which helped bring a clean aesthetic to the exercise equipment, making it look like something from the future. The spin bike comes with a floor-standing design but a black and white color-way and clean surfaces. A metal disc at the back encases the gear system while pedals on the front let you move. Orange details found around the bike’s frame let you adjust its shape to suit your ergonomics, and a large 4K display gives you glasses-free 3D so you can immerse yourself in your new world as you cycle.

The technology used by the HoloBike is similar to the glasses-free 3D screens seen in some niche smartphones across the last decade (remember the RED Phone?). The bike comes equipped with a sizeable 27-inch LCD screen outputting 4K resolution – but look closer and the screen has a lenticular film on it, comprising thousands of micro-lenses that create a left and right channel for your eyes, sort of like those holographic posters or sports cards. This effectively allows your eyes to sense depth by seeing two separate images, creating an immersive world that doesn’t require glasses or strapping a headset to your face. A soundbar right beneath it further enhances the immersive experience, transporting you to a new place.

The result is far superior to some crummy game you’d play on a laptop. As much as Saga Holographics (the company behind the bike) is an exercise company, it’s a spatial reality company too – every single environment offered by the HoloBike is designed from scratch using actual photogrammetric scans of trees, logs, leaves, bushes, roads, signs, etc. The virtual world is a reconstruction of the real world, using a combination of procedural rendering and AI advancements to help render out the entire experience in a way that feels hyperrealistic.

The stationary bike comes with adjustable wheels that let you move it around your house before locking it in place.

The bicycle itself is also fine-tuned to be a state-of-the-art exercise device. You can control the dashboard using buttons on the handlebars, setting your scene and pre-programming your routine. The bicycle’s proportions can be adjusted, letting you shift the handlebars up or down, move the seat forward or backward, or even adjust the seat’s height. Electromagnetic resistance lets you mimic real-life cycling experiences like gear shifts, or going uphill/downhill. A polymer drivetrain helps enable silent pedaling so all you can hear is the sound coming from the display in front of you, and your own breath as you work out.

The HoloBike has an impressive amount of tech inside it, with an AI-ready chipset that powers the 3D VR experience, a holographic display, and all the features of a cutting-edge spin bike or exercise bike without any of the monotony of regular home gym equipment, or the sneaky monthly fees of a Peloton. At $2599, it prices itself in the same Peloton category too, albeit with a minimalist design that grabs eyes, and a holographic display that grabs minds. Your exercises will never feel this immersive and fun!

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