This zero gravity workstation puts you in laid back position so you focus on the project not your back

A good thing about visiting a dentist is that recliner with a lumbar curve you lay back on while a random dude fiddles with your tooth. What if there was a similar option to work out of? Wish granted; enter the LEVUS!

If you spend most of your productive hours of the day in front of a computer, it would be a miracle if back pain and sitting discomfort is not a part of your everyday routine. Current offices are built to ruin our backs and health, and that didn’t even change with the work-from-home overflow during the pandemic. Our backs, shoulders, and necks are still under the painful pressure of sitting for long hours on traditional chairs.

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Irrespective of how comfy they vouch to be, the basic structure of the chairs remains the same: vertical spine pressure is the final outcome. With the laid back setup, LEVUS presents itself as a perfect solution for WFH and modern office cubicles struggling slouching workforce. The LEVUS is basically an adjustable set-up where you work in a reclined position with all the important equipment ergonomically placed around you.

Built for comfort, the idea of LEVUS is compelling to invite a gamer in with a widescreen display cocooning you as you have no mercy on the opponent slouching in his gaming chair. Even though the gaming industry will have an inclining intention to boost the sales of something as comfy as this; the workstation can be a great companion for creators and everyday office warriors alike, especially those who hate being forced to sit straight. They can just get into the contraption, lean back, and reduce the vertical pressure on the spine.

The solid and lightweight aluminum structure of the LEVUS is extremely flexible, catering ergonomically to user needs. Shipped flat-packed, the structure is easy to assemble, you can rock a number of monitors, adjust the headrest, have the mouse station positioned on either side, and roll down the keyboard table for the most comfortable work/gaming possible.