Illuminated brick redefines what it means to be a wall lamp

As their name plainly points out, wall lamps are lights that we stick to walls, permanently or sometimes temporarily. Most wall lamps are installed indoors to infuse a space with a specific ambiance, but some are also left outdoors to give illumination at night. There is some degree of flexibility and freedom in the way these lamps can be added, removed, and moved when necessary, but it also makes them look out of place sometimes or a superficial part of the wall. Another design strategy would be to discreetly embed the lights into the wall itself, which is what these odd-looking lamps offer in what could be considered a literal interpretation of a wall lamp.

Designer: Omar Gandhi Architects, Filo Timo, Aaline

It would definitely be a magical experience to touch a brick on a wall and suddenly have it light up with a warm glow. While doing that for every brick is impractical and expensive, having a few select spots turn into lamps can definitely level up the ambiance of a space with very little effort. Yes, you could just dig a hole into the wall to install some regular old lights, but the OG Brick makes the lighting look like an integral part of the wall rather than an afterthought.

Technically, they are part of the wall, as these are supposed to be layered alongside other bricks while the masonry wall is being set up. They’re also designed to blend in with the rest of the wall during the day when the lights are off, though they probably won’t match every wall color you can come up with. Variations include stainless steel, black powder-coated, and electroplated brown to cover the majority of brick wall hues.

The bricks aren’t made from clay or cement, of course, but have a hard metal frame to withstand the weight of the real bricks above it. A color-matching mesh covers the actual light element and makes the OG Brick “disappear” into its surroundings in the daytime. Since they are designed to be used in masonry walls, the lamps can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

The visual effect these illuminated bricks give is both subtle yet also endearing, especially thanks to the warm glow of the lights. Despite blending with its surroundings, the OG Brick creates a pleasing juxtaposition between the rough simplicity of regular bricks and the fine craftsmanship of metalwork. Whether outdoors or indoors, the end result is a charming composition on a wall where a few bricks light up like magic.