This smart desk clock boosts productivity, curbing your phone addiction for good

Distancing from your smartphone is not that easy when you are barraged with constant notifications from apps. Productivity takes a major hit as you lose focus and the best antidote I staying connected without constantly looking at smart devices. A smart desk clock is the way to go as it helps in time management without going off the course.

According to independent research, people prefer working on their desktops and if they have a utilitarian gadget that prevents unwanted distractions while keeping you updated with the needed notifications, there’s nothing better. The PAL Desk Clock with added features like a dedicated widget space for the most needed apps is what’s going to keep you interested.

Designer: Mohit Joshi

This nifty gadget concept wants to take the heat to the likes of the Amazon Echo Show 5, Google Nest Hub, Lenovo Smart Clock and Loftie Alarm Clock. There are five main functions – time keeping, focus sessions, music playback and wireless charging. In addition to these, the desk clock has a calendar and temperature sensor. With the wide display, you can customize the widgets like weather, music playback and calendar schedules as desired. The desk clock has a wireless charging pad intentionally positioned on the back where your smartphone is out of the peripheral view.

With the dedicated focus button and the accompanying app, the phone goes into DND mode, so that the task at hand can be completed. The design of the smart desk clock is such that it goes with any kind of setup or other desk accessories. When you need some relaxing time, the music app can play audio directly with all the interface elements you would find on a music player app. This prevents you from opening the phone and going down the rabbit hole of unproductive social media apps.