Music mixer concept uses generative AI to help you create music

I have a lot of respect for those people who can create music on their own, especially ones that are able to produce earworm-y pop riffs. Sometimes I’ve thought about studying how to create and mix music especially now that there are equipment, apps and websites where you can do that, but you need to study a lot of things before you can actually use them. Sometimes I think, can’t I just have something in my head transferred to a machine without having to do so much work? Well, thanks to artificial intelligence, that is somewhat possible, for better or worse.

Designer: Haechan Ryu

Happy Music Mixer 07 or HPMXR 07 is a music mixer that is powered by generative AI. This means, even if you don’t have knowledge on how to use mixers, you should be able to use this machine. The goal for this concept is to democratize composing music and using AI to help out with that. There are some ongoing issues in the music industry of course about using AI but it’s still an ongoing conversation that will continue to evolve. But if you are not hesitant to use AI to fuel creativity and things like music creation, then this should be of interest to you.

The machine looks like your typical synthesizer except that it is designed to not look so intimidating, with a clean interface and layout that should be easy to understand. The first step to using it is to describe the music that you’re thinking of, setting the length, tempo, mood, genre, prompt, mixing, and other things that may be in your brain. You can also even generate an album cover that will match your song. Once the AI has generated the song, you can also mix and adjust it according to your preference before transferring the completed song through an NFC card or a USB-C type connector.

All the buttons, knobs, and keyboard are designed in an intuitive interface. The housing of the HPMXR 07 is made from aluminum and has a monochromatic color with orange highlights. The switches and stabilizers have a tactile interface so you still feel in control even as the AI helps you generate the music that is in your head. It’s a good toy to play around with if you want to experiment with creating music but you don’t have the ability to understand more complicated mixers and synthesizers.