Clarus Atmus Mobile Desk Transforms Design Studios with Multifunctional Whiteboard and Projection Capabilities

The Atmus Mobile Desk by Clarus goes beyond aesthetics and mobility. It’s a multifunctional product designed to boost productivity in any design studio. Its versatility makes it ideal for brainstorming sessions, serving as an expansive whiteboard, or acting as a projection surface for presentations.

Designer: Clarus

In a brainstorming session, the Atmus Mobile Desk transforms into a collaborative hub. The large, clear glass surface doubles as a whiteboard, allowing designers and team members to sketch ideas, jot down notes, and map out concepts directly on the surface. This seamless transition from desk to brainstorming tool ensures the creative flow is never interrupted. The desk’s mobility means it can be positioned anywhere in the studio, whether you’re gathering for an impromptu meeting or setting up for a more structured session.

The Atmus Mobile Desk excels as a traditional whiteboard. Its smooth glass surface is perfect for use with dry-erase markers, offering a clean and erasable writing area. This is ideal for planning projects, outlining tasks, or illustrating complex ideas. The clarity of the glass ensures any writing or drawings are easily visible from a distance, making it an effective communication tool in a busy studio.

Additionally, the desk can be utilized as a projection wall, adding another layer of functionality. When paired with a projector, the Atmus Mobile Desk’s clear surface provides an excellent backdrop for displaying digital content. This is particularly useful during presentations, client meetings, or team reviews. The ability to move the desk effortlessly allows you to set up the projection screen wherever it is most needed, enhancing your workspace’s versatility.

Atmus Mobile Desk by Clarus

Clarus’ expertise in glass technology ensures the surface of the Atmus Mobile Desk is optimized for all these uses. The high-quality, ultra-clear Starphire glass offers a pristine and durable surface that stands up to the demands of a busy studio. Whether you are brainstorming, writing, or projecting, the glass maintains its clarity and functionality, providing a reliable tool for all your creative needs.

The foldable work surfaces add another layer of practicality. These can be extended to provide additional space for sketching, placing materials, or setting up laptops and projectors. This adaptability makes the Atmus Mobile Desk not just a piece of furniture but a central component of your design process.

Beyond brainstorming and presentations, the Atmus Mobile Desk is also valuable for digital photography. The clear glass surface provides a neutral, reflective backdrop that enhances the details of the subject being photographed. Whether you’re capturing product shots, prototypes, or artistic compositions, the desk’s smooth surface ensures every detail is highlighted, and its mobility allows you to adjust lighting and angles easily.

In addition to its core functionalities, the Atmus Mobile Desk supports various creative processes in a design studio. It can serve as a temporary station for rapid prototyping, offering ample space to lay out materials and tools. The desk’s height and stability make it suitable for detailed craftsmanship, allowing designers to work comfortably and efficiently.

The sturdy, smooth-rolling casters are designed to move effortlessly across different floor surfaces, whether it’s carpet, wood, or concrete. This means you can reposition the desk without any hassle, ensuring it is always where you need it, whether at the center of a brainstorming session or tucked away after a photo shoot.