Herb growing panel concept can help restaurants reuse water

Have you ever wondered what happens to all that water that customers leave at their tables in restaurants? We sometimes see glasses and pitchers left on the table which obviously, the staff can’t reuse anymore for drinking purposes. If the management or staff are conscious about water usage, then they will be used for other things like washing dishes or watering plants. But a lot of times, they’re just thrown into the sink. This concept proposes a more intelligent and eco-friendly way of saving and re-using that water and involving the customers in the process.

Designer: Sebastian Delerba

Withless is a concept for herb growing panels that restaurants can put up in their spaces. This way, not only do they have plants around for decoration and for environmental purposes, but they can also encourage customers to raise awareness in saving and reusing water. The stackable panel can hold up to twenty pots and has a grid design which can be expanded to multiple grids depending on the space and the needs of the establishment.

If you’re like me that doesn’t really know much about plants, there is a risk of over-watering plants if there’s no one to tell me that it’s too much. This is where the Withless concept comes in. The pot and the front area are connected so the water reaches the textile when you pour into it. It will show you when the ring and the textile have the same color which means the plant is growing efficiently. When there is a contrast to the color, then it means there needs to be some adjustments. The humidity of the area also affects this so it will reflect that as well.

The establishment can also use this to grow their herbs and other edible plants and get the customers to help them take care of the plants. This is an interesting way to teach people to reuse water and help grow plants as well. Hopefully, something like this gets made and that restaurants and cafes can adapt it.