When Riding A Bicycle Just Isn’t Green Enough

If you’ve ever felt the urge to attach a fender to your bike just so you can wrap it in environmentally-aware bumper stickers, then you might like the Green Shadow. Developed by Mr. Onuff Studio for a video game, the bicycle still stands as an interesting study in form and function, presumably tracking mileage, heat rate and calories through the handle-bar mounted LCD. While only intended as illustrative work and not for actual production, I can only imagine a real version would incorporate fresh ivory, baby seals or endangered pandas to help snag that valuable pro-earth, anti-animal demographic.

Designer: Mr. Onuff Studio


  • Henrique Staino says:

    They should have made it folding.

    But what’s the story here..?
    what do you mean by “shouts out”? It really has a speaker built in?

  • dave says:

    please offer a black one or something, with green stickers or some shit. no ones gunna buy that hideous thing in green

  • Todd says:

    It will come with green paint that you can spray your body with, a methane-capturing diaper and a subscription to Socialist Workers of the World.

    Congress is buying over 100,000 of them in the stimulus bill.

  • Interesting design…I wonder how stable it is? 😛

  • Ekove says:

    I love that color, but the design is terrible and doesn’t seem functional. Besides, let’s stop making things come in green color or stick a solar panel to random tools and claim it’s a part of the green movement. This is getting stupid.

    • Henrique Staino says:

      Well, bikes are, in essence, part of the “green movement”. Whether they come in green or black.

  • Eshanvi says:

    Although this concept seems to be a great one but a lot more input on the same will be very helpful.

  • ya well says:

    bullshit… the existing bikes on the market use less material than this one, they are just greener, but not green.

  • Adrian271 says:

    Consumerism at its worst. You’re adding something unnecessary to be manufactured which is most likely of aluminum or some petrol based plastic.

    Sure you are trying to make a statement but if you are that adamant about being green does this bike contradict what you are saying by creating a greater environmental impact?

    Unfortunately, too many are brainwashed into thinking that saving the Earth is all about buying the right products or driving the right car. But people fail to notice if what they are doing is actually fixing the bottom line (which is the planet they think they are saving).

    If you need a bike and want to be green then buy one off of Craigslist.Remember the whole *Recycle*Reduce*Reuse* ?

  • Migo says:

    As a environmental designer and cycling enthusiast, I have to say that this concept is ridiculous and shallow. Just how much “greenwashing” can we do to make things seem more sustainable? I agree that bikes are a good alternative to cars, but making it the color green as a justification for being environmentally friendly.

    The technical aspects are bogus – it communicates road bike geometry with the basic shape (taking the streamlined time-trial design that you see on Softrides, some TT Treks and Zipp bikes that don’t have the standard double-triangle frame) but the bike itself isn’t very aerodynamic, nor does it look fast. It doesn’t look rugged enough for a daily commute, and it seems to be a single-speed bike. The front shock just completes the haphazard look, perhaps thrown in by the designer because he/she sees it on many other bikes. The design doesn’t clearly communicate what this bike is for. Posing at Starbucks perhaps?

    The design firm’s website doesn’t even go into any detail, except showing some flashy pictures. Heck… white tires, anyone?

    • Migo II says:

      Hi Migo and friends.
      If you comment on these images, you should know before which was the sense or intention of the project.
      The purpose of this project wasn´t an innovate and development product design.
      The images was made for a video game.
      Logically the technical aspects are not developed.
      They are not necessary.
      It´s only an ilustration without further claims.

      Know before you think is important, because we can be mistaken

  • confucius says:

    I think someones taking the piss. They must been bored one day and decided to check that old CD stack in they attic and lo-and-behold heres a disk labelled ‘schoolwork, renderings, 1998’. Hey lets post these on Yanko…

  • brack says:

    Amen, Adrian271.

  • Jason says:

    its grEEn, thats for sure

  • zeroemision says:

    better black,lol

  • Nikita Medelets says:

    White tyres will be muddy in first riding.
    So, it`s a nice project.

  • It looks super cool. That would be a bike to show off to everyone just based on design and neon green colors. In life though, I have found that looks may be deceiving. So what to do? Make sure design is incorporated with utility.

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