Ring light lamp concept has an interesting way of spreading its light

The young live-streaming industry has introduced a standard lighting technique to the masses, giving birth to the now popular “ring light” that’s even making its way to smartphone cameras. The literal ring of light is meant to provide more natural-looking illumination while minimizing the casting of shadows due to both its shape and its position in relation to the camera. It’s a visually interesting piece of lighting equipment, but its design is extremely focused and limited to that use case. This lamp, however, tries to take that same idea but gives it an even more interesting interpretation, generating light that doesn’t shine in just one direction but goes almost everywhere except where the lamp is facing.

Designer: João Teixeira

Although circular lamps have been around for decades, ring lights are still a bit of a novelty to those outside the professional photography world. After all, circular lamps are often mounted on ceilings and walls, but this “halo on a stick” can be placed almost anywhere it’s needed to have a well-lit shoot or stream. It also uses LEDs versus the traditional fluorescent, though it technically can be any light source as long as it can take a circular form.

“Spot” is a concept for a lamp that is inspired by the shape of these ring lights but almost does in the opposite direction. Despite a ring light’s circular shape, it still shines its light mostly forward, with some illumination scattered around it only as a side effect. In contrast, Spot’s light comes from the structure’s side, and there is actually no light from its front or even its back.

The design shares the same basic combination of a ring on a stand, but the key difference is that an LED strip runs outside along the edges of the shape. This strip is supported by an internal structure that is sandwiched between two opaque covers, making sure the light is really projected only from the sides of the lamp. Another key design element is that Spot makes it easy to take the product apart in order to replace the LED strip, making maintenance and repair trivial.

Because of the way it illuminates from the sides rather than in a single direction, Spot functions more as a decorative lighting fixture or a night lamp at best. The contrast of the dark body and the lighting shining around it creates an almost eerie appearance, one that will easily grab attention and serve as a conversation starter, despite its seemingly simple design.