Always Stay Connected

Connected Universe is a range of seven products that allow you to stay connected in an innovative way. The range includes Supernova 3D LED TV, Fly LED TV, Box Cobra, Shark Remote, Loo Toy, Pilot Gamepad and Space Phone. All the gadgets sync and work together to create an immersive digital experience. Hit the jump to know more.

Supernova 3D LED TV is intuitive and functional; it has a quality and an impressive image depth. With a super-slim design on one sculptural stand, this screen will fit perfectly into your interior.


  • Wide creative screen.
  • Share your movies and music with family and friends.
  • Stream in full size all the videos you find on YouTube.
  • Watch HD podcasts and listen to Internet radio on your speakers.

Fly LED TV gives you access easily to an unlimited world with its intuitive interface. With Skype you speak naturally in video.

Box Cobra is a very high-speed Internet Box and features all the power of Google TV. It incorporates a Blu-Ray reader for ultimate experience. You can easily access to the best of VOD recorded on high capacity hard drive. With a simple gesture, you can enjoy the multimedia on all your screens. It allows you to store, transfer and access all your movies and music from any connected device. You play instantly on your TV just like on a console using the joystick Pilot. With your Space phone, you call also with unlimited to all mobiles.

Shark Remote is a gyroscopic remote that can direct your menus with a simple flick of the wrist. You navigate easily in your Smart TV. Its clean and simple design suggests a revolutionary remote. The Shark remote has a single button 3D which converts 2D images into 3D images.

Loo Toy is a powerful smart phone hiding under the shell.

Pilot Gamepad is an aerodynamic gamepad. Its 3D design Unveils a Ultra Powerful and aerodynamic Gamepad. With its integrated camera, you can film or take pictures in HD and broadcast to your entire community. It automatically connects with Cobra Box and is compatible with PC and PS3.

Space Phone is a Connected Universe smart phone that runs on Android and has the latest technology: dual processor heart, AMOLED, 9 megapixel camera with LED flash, 20GB of internal memory and MicroSD card reader, WiFi Dual Band … Magic, it connects instantly on the web through your Cobra Box and lets you join your friends.

Designer: Jerome Olivet for Connected Universe