All-Black Island Cabin Hidden Away In a 52.7-Acre Mountain Is The Ultimate Remote Getaway Location

If you’re looking for a stunning cabin in the woods to get away to and simply relax, then you’ve reached the right place. Cabins are by far the best type of vacation I’ve come across. They’re a peaceful and tranquil option to abandon your urban life and woes, and simply unwind in nature. If you’re wondering where to head for your next cabin retreat, then you may want to consider the Hideaway House.

The Hideaway House is the perfect safe haven nestled in the midst of nature, providing you a break from your everyday hectic life. It really doesn’t get more secluded than this, the Hideaway House provides you with all the privacy you can possibly dream of. I mean you can only access the retreat through a tucked-away road at the base of the mountain – which could be a pro or a con, depending on the way you look at it.


  • Provides postcard-worthy views of British Colombia’s Gulf Islands
  • Encourages indoor/outdoor living


  • The access to the home is remote and difficult to get to

Designer:  Measured Architecture + Blue Sky Architecture

The Hideaway House is a blackened timber cabin that is nestled on a 52.7-acre private mountain and is completely surrounded by lush ancient forests. A 700-meter drive through the ancient forest leads you to the summit of a vast natural reserve 500 ft above sea level, which accommodates this reclusive modern residence. The home was originally built in 1998 by Blue Sky Architecture, and it was renovated and remodeled in 2021 by Measured Architecture.

The impressive home features a series of interlocking wooden volumes that rise between sandstone ridges creating an image of a stunning figure against the panoramic Gulf Island backdrop. The interiors of the home are a subtle blend of modern and organic. A tranquil white setting creates a quiet space for a swooping glulam structure.

Polished concrete floors enhance the minimal theme of the home. The home is designed to be both grand and intimate while offering breathtaking views of international waters, and secret peeks of the surrounding grounds. Although the home seems to be located in an extremely remote setting, it is only 20 minutes from Vancouver by float plane!