Wanna Break Free!

The Free Socket is a clever design that marries the multi-tap, extension cord and USB socket into one convenient package. Basically it is a wall mounted electricity outlet that unhooks and can be used as a power extension. Keeping up with the current trends, USB charging is integrated into the plate and this is very clever. I love the practical aspect of the design and the fact that this design is do-able.

Free Socket is a 2012 iF Design Talents entry.

Designers: East China Normal University


  • Antal says:

    The design has a problem due to ignorance of physics. When the cable is wound around the drum in the wall, if we plugged in a device with high power consumption, the cable will overheat and catch fire.

    • Rob says:

      But the provision of a ‘fuse’ would certainly provide the PROTECTION to the problem you mentioned !!!

  • Suki says:

    why I love this kind of idea..
    simple but useful.. 🙂

  • This is an extremely smart idea allowing anybody to plug and go in anywhere, anytime without the whole convenience of having to look for a universal charger

  • Andrew says:

    The reel in the wall is a weak point and not easy to maintain or replace. A thermal cutout will deal with any overheating issues. USB connectivity is great, no chargers taking up power sockets. A really great solution would be no trailing cords. As most devices are low voltage and transformers inefficient how about an underfloor mat providing contactless lv power by induction? Just place a power block on the floor wherever you are and you have juice. A different kind of block could provide wireless connectivity.

  • Jess says:

    That’s not new or different sockets where new a long time ago.

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