Hear me out – This Timepiece with actual moon-dust in it might be the coolest watch you could own

It’s a sort of hilarious coincidence that our timekeeping journey started with sundials and ends in 2024 with moon-watches. Behold the LUNAR1,622, a watch that celebrates our cosmic neighbor by quite literally letting you wear a piece of it. With a vial containing actual certified moon dust, the LUNAR1,622 pays tribute to the Apollo 11 mission and not too soon! As NASA prepares to send Artemis III with humans back to the moon, the watch aptly ushers in our new era of space travel! Along with the tiny vial of moon dust located in one corner of the watch dial, the LUNAR1,622 even comes with a meticulously 3D-printed watch face that captures the moon’s intricately mottled surface, coupled with Neil Armstrong’s famed quote as he set foot on the lunar surface – “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” If all that wasn’t enough to satisfy even the hungriest of space-lover-appetites, Premium editions of the watch also come with built-in NFC chips that bring up all the watch’s details when tapped against a smartphone.

Designer: Sebastien Colen

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Designed for watch enthusiasts who also pride themselves in being space nerds, the timepiece celebrates the moon and the hope it represents. The LUNAR1,622 watch itself is an homage to the moon’s surface, with a highly detailed 3D printed dial that wonderfully catches light and shadows to recreate depth. In fact, the 1,622 in the watch’s name is a hat-tip to the moon’s surface gravity. Designed by up-and-coming watch startup INTERSTELLAR (who previously debuted a watch with actual Mars dust), the LUNAR1,622 comes in three variants – a Standard, with a 3 o’clock window that contains a graphic of the iconic footprint on the moon, or the Advanced and Premium variants that swap the graphic for a vial containing certified moon dust collected from a moon meteorite.

Meteorite Moon Dust – Their meteorite, with the ID#NWA11515, was found in 2017 and provided by MSG Meteorites, a British company specialized in certified space rocks and licensed by the IMCA (International Meteorite Collectors Association).

Lunar1,622 Watch with Integrated NASA Logo – The project respects the necessary permissions and aligns with NASA’s guidelines for NASA logo usage.

The bezel features a timeline of all NASA moon missions, with successful landings highlighted in gold, while the Apollo 11 mission details can be found inscribed on the border of the 3 o’clock vial, along with Neil Armstrong’s initials. Shift your gaze further to the outer edge and you’ll spot Armstrong’s legendary quote etched into the dial, right near the crown. Even the caseback features the official NASA meatball logo, a subtle tribute to their unwavering pursuit of lunar knowledge.

LUNAR1,622 commemorates Neil Armstrong’s iconic words, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

On the edge of the dial all the way around it, you’ll find all successful Apollo missions numbered. All missions that landed on the moon are marked in gold.

Commemorating the historic Apollo 11 mission, this timepiece features the mission’s name, date and Neil Armstrong’s initials.

The folks at INTERSTELLAR partnered with renowned timekeeping brand Col&MacArthur to power the watch’s internals. The Standard and Advanced variants house a reputable Japanese-made Miyota 8215 automatic movement on the inside, while the Premium edition packs a Swiss-made Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement. The Premium variant also upgrades the watch case to cutting-edge titanium (as opposed to the standard 316L steel), complete with gold-plated hands to give the watch a distinctly elevated style. An integrated NFC chip also allows you to tap your Premium LUNAR1,622 wristwatch to your phone, instantly pulling up the watch’s details and story – a feature that’s sure to impress people even further after you tell them your watch contains actual moon dust!

If the idea of wearing a piece of the cosmos on your wrist excites you, the LUNAR1,622 is available right now and ships globally. The Standard variant goes for $449, while a YD-special discounted price of $599 gets you upgraded to the Advanced variant with the vial of lunar dust. The Premium variant with the Swiss movement, Titanium body, and built-in NFC chip boasts a price tag of $1049.

Click Here to Buy Now: $599 $849 (23% off). Hurry, only a few left! Raised over $470,000.