Ethereal-Looking Lighting Design Celebrates “The Refractive Nature Of Crystal”

Lighting designs are plenty and not at all lacking, but a lighting design that is the perfect mix of functionality, personality, and good looks isn’t always easy to come by. And I’m always looking for well-designed lighting pieces that not only do their job of illumination but are also interesting little designs that spark conversations and elevate mundane living spaces. And this collection of table and wall lamps truly hit the spot! Called the Port range, this collection is designed by an Australian designer Tom Fereday in collaboration with the lighting brand Rakumba.

Designer: Tom Fereday x Rakumba

The Port Collection celebrates “the refractive nature of crystal”. It is the lovechild of the creative efforts of Tom Fereday and Rakumba, and the collection includes two shapes – the circular Round design, and the lozenge-shaped Stadium design. They both are available in tabletop or wall-mounted interactions. Each variant includes a solid glass block supported by a metal base. The glass block features an interesting conical shape with an internal stepped form. This intriguing form allows a subtle play with the refraction of light when switched on.

Since the block isn’t directly connected to the base, this block can be flipped over and also reset into the base, altering the manner in which the light is cast. “Port celebrates the purity and refractive nature of crystal,” said designer Tom Fereday. “Reversing the crystal form entirely changes the way the light is perceived, revealing Port’s unique dual character.” The Port collection beautifully captures and showcases the purity and characteristics of crystal. It takes the beauty of the material to a whole new level, allowing the material to take center place and grab attention without the need for any excessive bells and tassels.

The metallic base of the lighting design is available in a wide range of metallic finishes, so you can pick and choose the finish that perfectly suits the interiors of your living or working space. The Port lighting designs are versatile pieces that can be used in a variety of interiors – ranging from residential spaces to restaurants, making it a lighting piece that can find utility almost anywhere.