The Element Tiny Home Is Cozy To Live In & Easy On The Pocket With A US$23,500 Price Tag

Dragon Tiny Homes are known for their tiny homes that truly embody the micro-living movement. They bring back the small movement’s humble and modest roots with their tiny home called the Element. The Element features a compact frame and a simple yet well-equipped interior. The home is currently up for sale for an economical price tag of US$23,500. Let’s deep dive into the nitty gritties of the home!

Designer: Dragon Tiny Homes

The Element tiny home is quite similar to Dragon’s 16’TWOH With Loft but with a smaller price tag. The tiny home is founded on a double-axle trailer and features a length of 16 feet. In comparison to popular European tiny homes, like the ones from Baluchon, this one is truly quite compact. It is finished in smart siding-engineered wood and weighs around 7000 lb. Since the price point is quite comfy, it is a given that the home isn’t extremely spacious, and you won’t be hosting a lot of parties. And it does lack some of the pristine features you may find in larger tiny homes. The interior is compact and cozy, and clad in rough plywood.

The home is unfurnished, but it does contain a basic kitchen unit with a sink and cabinetry. The main room can also double up as the living area, and besides this space, the only other room downstairs is the bathroom. The bathroom is quite snug and compact too, and it features a toilet and a shower.

The Element features one loft bedroom which can be accessed via a ladder. The bedroom is like most bedrooms found in typical tiny homes, it is loft-style with a low ceiling and has sufficient space for a double bed. Although currently the Element is priced at US$23,500, it can be upgraded with better features and finishes at an additional cost. So if you’re in the mood to splurge a bit, you can elevate the basic Element and get something more to your taste and liking.