Land Cruiser-based Infanta 4×4 Inkunzi camper takes off-roading fun to the extreme

Based on the Toyota Land Cruiser chassis, the Infanta 4×4 Inkunzi camper is a South African camper cruiser designed for off-grid living with an impressive design to showcase. It looks like a random ride on the unbeaten paths when closed, but the moment you open its wings (slides and pullouts) you have a camper most delightful to see and use.

For the love of adventurers at the park or campsite, the Inkunzi, which translates to bull in Zolo, is fitted with an electric pop-up roof and has big windows in canvas covers to keep the interior both airy and fresh. The roof lifts at the push of a button, while the passenger side of the camper has five hatches, one of which houses the kitchen and the other the bed.

Designer: Infanta 4X4

The Infanta 4×4 Inkunzi camper cruiser is designed to share the “same personality traits of a bull,” from where it gets its name. “Stubborn, strong-willed” in equal measures; the camper, molded from composite aerospace pre-impregnated fiber, weighs 644 kg when packed with all the accessories, and has a body measuring 9.8-foot-long. With all the versatile sliding and folding antics, the Inkunzi is effortless to setup, and takes only two minutes

The space within the camper is more focused on space utilization while all the things like the shower, kitchen and even the bedroom are designed to open outwards. The bed is placed in the front bedroom cabin that slides out from the main body and is provided with a headboard and storage cubies. Infanta uses the standing height space on the entry for dressing, while its slide-out kitchen on the passenger side spans almost the entire length of the camper.

Situated directly behind the cabin area, the fold-down kitchen has a two-stove burner, dishware, cookware, and utensils. Other kitchen compartments feature a 90-L fridge, shelves for storage, a collapsible basin, and a second worktop. An outdoor shower enclosed by drop-down curtains draws water from an onboard 120-L water tank connected to a 220V water heater.

Since the stout Inkunzi is made for off-roading, it comes with a 105-Ah battery, Victron charger and battery monitor, and an option to include an inverter and solar panels. The camper starts at R524 000, roughly $28,000 (without the truck), and has the option to add a 270-degree awning for additional usable outdoor space.