This off-road caravan pops, slides and swings out in all direction to accommodate six on an off-grid expedition

Off-roading caravans to negotiate rugged terrains and setting up camp under the starry sky have become a common sight these days. This is the finest way for families, travelers, and overlanders to create lasting memories on the road. When there is demand, the suppliers are available in plenty. Amid the range of all-terrain camping trailers then, Berg Off-Road has been designing options that are “crafted to exceed expectation.”

To that accord, the Berg Off-Road has an exciting range of off-road caravans for groups of friends or family members to enjoy the thrill of adventures while keeping things simple and straightforward. For the latest offering called CX6 the builder has gone a little overboard and designed a camper solution that pops, slides, swings out to create space for up to six people to sleep and live in harmony.

Designer: Berg Off-Road

Achieving all the antics, the CX6 is constructed from honeycomb fiberglass built over a ladder frame chassis. It weighs about a ton and measures approximately 2m wide, 5.3m long, and 2.2mm high. What’s a pleasure with this off-road caravan is the space for a full-size king pull-out bed with a reading light and bedside USB ports. The space still has room for four more single beds that slide out from underneath.

If that’s not enough for space utilization, the caravan has a full bathroom with a toilet, washbasin, and shower hiding behind the pull-out kitchen packed within its lightweight, compact body. The fully-equipped pull-out kitchen has a fridge, freezer, two-burner gas stove, storage, and prep space. Berg Off-Road has annex tents connected to the caravan through awnings extended with 4 detachable sides that create room to sleep more people.

Making things interesting for adventure off the road and possibly off the grid is the 1000W inverter, 150-L fresh water tank with pump, and 14-L gas/electric water heater onboard the CX6. Alongside, the builder provides solar panels to keep the battery charged and consequently the air conditioning and LED interior lighting powered up after the sun goes down. If you love spending time outdoors and require a ride that can cater to all the needs of your family or group of friends, spending upward of approximately $28,000 for the CX6 should not be a bad deal.