Desk accessories concepts help reduce risk of sitting at the desk the whole day

As someone who spends almost the entire working day (and sometimes beyond) at a desk and in front of the computer, you can say that I face a lot of issues when it comes to my posture, my eyesight, and my muscles. I’ve tried several ergonomic products and also exercises to help me take a break from my regular work and literal position but I’m still having some regular problems from being a desk potato. I know that there are a lot of risks that will eventually (and some have already) make an appearance in my health journey so products that can help alleviate the strain on my body are always welcome.

Designers: Haneul Kang, Dohui Kim, Dagyeong Kim, Jeongyoon Kim, Yunseo Jung

A group of designers have come up with concepts for a series of products that can help with this problem. The collection is appropriately called DESKRISK as we all know that even if we are sitting seemingly safely at our desks, we’re still exhibiting risky behavior that will eventually need some sort of intervention. The first product is a desk clock that will remind us to take a break from staring at our screens to take better care of our eyes. The screen will blur after some time which resembles the dry eyes we experience a lot of times. After you’ve rested for a few minutes, you can move the button on the clock sideways to wipe away the blur and start the countdown all over again.

The next product is for those who need help with their posture while sitting at the desk for a long time. Well this is for if you’re using a lamp light source at your desk. The lamp has a light that will gradually move downwards from the angle you set after an hour. This way you are reminded to move along with the light source so that we’re not just bowing down towards our screens. There’s a gauge next to the lamp that also helps you track how much time has elapsed. You can also adjust and reset the angle by moving this gauge bar.

The last one may probably be the most useless for me, at least from what I understand from their product description. It’s a magazine rack that will supposedly resemble carpel tunnel syndrome or at least the overstretched wrist ligaments that come from having the same position at your keyboard for a long period of time. The sagging fabric will lengthen according to the size or weight of the books or magazines inserted. How this will help me with my wrist problem is unsure at this point. But aside from that, the other Deskrisk products are pretty useful for people like me who are at risk with the nature of our work.