This IKEA + Renault concept envisions a sustainable future where vehicles are shipped as flat-pack designs!

In today’s world, where advanced mobility and complex automotive designs dominate the present and the future, a radical approach towards getting from one destination to the other is much needed. Meet Höga by design student Ryan Schlotthauer, a vehicle that adapts IKEA’s winning philosophy of production, packaging, and practical use to give the users a comfortable ride that’s highly functional. This is intertwined with Renault’s advanced mobility platform to create an urban commuter with sustainability in mind. The vehicle’s body is recycled into other products after its lifecycle keeps the waste to a minimum. Design inspiration for the practical commuter comes from the classic Bauhaus principle of clean and purposeful design.

While the vehicle looks pint-sized, its efficient design makes optimum use of every inch out there. The car ships right out of reusable crates to cut on transportation costs, and once it reaches the destination, the containers are reused to ship back broken furniture. Just like IKEA, Höga can be assembled by one person in few hours thanks to its simple LEGO-like attachable frame elements in a perfectly symmetrical design. There are 374 total parts and 114 individual parts (sounds like a lot, but this is a car we are talking about!), which can be put together piece by piece to create the Höga. The skateboard platform of the vehicle houses the four individually moving wheels, which can move in any direction for maneuvering in tight spaces. Höga’s A-frame design comes with roll cage bars and body panel gaps to prioritize the safety of a vehicle so small in size.

The interior is highly customizable to fit in extra luggage or even a small bike or stroller for transportation. The passengers can enter from the front as the windscreen opens completely, and the rear also opens up identically to load more oversized luggage. Optimum usage of space is essential, and the designer has created the blueprints very mindfully for that. At the time of purchase, the customers can try and test different interior configurations to suit their needs and taste, making Höga an irresistible option to ignore.

Designer: Ryan Schlotthauer