WiFi router concept uses cork as material and design aesthetic

A wifi router is one of those devices that every house needs but we don’t really think about how it’s designed, what materials are used to make it, and other factors that come into it. As long as it does what it’s supposed to do, which is get you connected to the internet, then we’re almost always fine with it. However, most routers have a lifespan of 2-3 years and so it contributes to the million tons of e-waste that is generated annually by people who constantly change their gadgets and devices.

Designer: Connor Rusnak

A concept for a sustainable wifi router tries to solve that issue and at the same time give us a well-designed one that you will proudly display in your home office. The Pella uses cork in the design so you get an eco-friendly material that can also look good on your device. In theory, using this material should not interfere with the functionality of the device which is of course important since the only reason you’ll get a router is to be able to connect all your devices to the WiFi.

The cork is not just a building material but an integral part of the design. The router looks more like a smart speaker with its spherical shape which is also reminds me of a top but with a stable base. The basic controls, which are mainly the on/off button and what seems to be a reset button, are located on the base. There’s no need for any other controls or buttons so you get a pretty minimalist design, as all routers should probably have.

More often than not, these routers are hidden away in our home not just because it needs to be near a wall socket but because there isn’t any decorative aspect to it. But something like the Pella, which was designed with the brand Logitech in mind, can be something you put on your desk especially if you have an earthy or cork-like aesthetic.