Getting Leafy Green for Kids

If you’ve got a study room specifically for the children in your house and you’ve got air that might be slightly less than green, there’s an air filter out there for you! WOW Air Green is a a green air filter which brings your room five stages of filtering for your room including a HEPA filter to protect against viruses and filtering elements which commonly cause allergies.

Plasma Ion technology is also used to remove any and all harmful materials in the air, creating a clean space for all. In addition, this unit “brings warm feelings of wood” into your indoor space – creating a sense of nature’s finest cleanliness!

This project is designed not only to allow parents peace of mind for the lung health of their children, it’s made to look nice as well. One giant green leaf is what this lovely machine is meant to look like, and green nature is what it’s meant to remind you of.

Designers: Sang Keun Sim & Kyowon L&C Design Lab