iPhone SE 4 renders say goodbye to the Touch ID home button, hello to USB-C

All good things must come to an end, or so they say. Of course, the definition of “good” will always depend on who you ask. Some might be pining for the “good old days” when the iPhone was curvy, small, and didn’t require your face to unlock it. For some, the 3rd-gen iPhone SE from 2022 was their recourse, but could finally be the last of its kind. No, Apple will apparently still launch an ultra-affordable iPhone, but it will no longer be that safe haven for lovers of old technologies and designs. According to this latest visual leak, the iPhone SE 4 expected to launch next year will be taking after the iPhone 14 design, now also considered a “last-gen” design, except for one curious feature that’s both surprising yet makes total sense as well.

Designer: Apple (via 91mobiles)

The iPhone SE, which stands for “Special Edition,” has always been an oddity in Apple’s lineup. Although it was regarded to be the cheapest and smallest iPhone from the company’s catalog, those points aren’t always true as each new model is introduced. To some extent, it feels more like the iPhone SE is an ode to technologies and designs that are being put to pasture, whether it’s the small design and headphone jack of the first iPhone SE or the physical home button of the iPhone SE 3.

Unofficial CAD renders, uninspiring as they might look, offer some clues to the design changes that Apple intends for the 2025 iPhone SE. For one, it finally bids farewell to the small-sized iPhone with what is allegedly a 6.1-inch screen. Second, it also removes the thick bezels of the past, embracing a screen that has been around since the iPhone X, which also means finally embracing the notch. More importantly, however, this kind of bezel-less display also has no room for Touch ID, so fingerprint authentication will finally be gone for good, at least on iPhones and iPads.

For all intents and purposes, the iPhone SE 4 looks like the iPhone 14 from 2022, which itself sported a design that was significantly unchanged since the iPhone X from 2017. The only major difference, at least from a design perspective, is that the camera on its back retains a single circular bump more reminiscent of the iPhone 8 and earlier eras. Given there might only be a single camera anyway, that’s a better choice than having a square bump with barely anything inside it.

The renders do suggest that the 4th-gen iPhone SE will also adopt a USB-C port, a technology that Apple introduced to iPhones only last year. This is quite a modern feature for an iPhone SE model, but considering the pressure on Apple to adopt a standard charging port, it doesn’t come as a surprise. That said, these are still all unofficial, so details might still change before the new iPhone SE launches, which is expected to happen next year.