Birds Have Better Homes Than We do

Birdhouse by Ottawa based design firm The Federal is just another example of our avian friends living better than we do. Seriously, why are modern birdhouses so much more AWESOME? Matter of fact, what if someone scaled up a birdhouse, plumbed and wired it for human habitation? I’m down! I digress. Made of only two pieces of powder coated aluminum, wood and some leather string. Available soon. Guess some birds will be moving in this Spring.

Designer: The Federal


  • trimtab21 says:

    This is not a very good design for a bird house:
    The hole is way to big and too low, making it easy for predator birds to eat the baby chicks. The box is way too shallow.
    The metal is also a bad idea – it will get very hot when in the sun – overheating the eggs. The thin metal opening will also be a problem – it will scrape the birds feathers off as they zoom in and out. At least it does not have a perch which is another way predators can have lunch. There are lots of design criteria for bird boxes on the Internet. The size of the box and hole depend on the type of bird you want to attract – or exclude. Better go back to the drawing board.

  • This is complete non-sense of design.

    First,bird cannot feel comfortable in house that is swinging on every breeze.

    Second, it will be swinging on every footstep of any bird.

    Third, in birdhouse swinging it is hard for any bird to enter.

    Fourth, if I am wrong why there isn’t any video of birds using birdhouse.

    Fifth, how anyone from Yanko Design have come to idea to publish such work?!
    It speaks a lot about Yanko Design losing their credibility…

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