Tiny home concept will have you living in a futuristic capsule house

There are no signs that our population will stop growing any time soon, and the amount of livable space continues to shrink. We need more space-efficient residences that aren’t just towering skyscrapers, which is part of the appeal of tiny home trends. The majority of the designs for these petite residences seem to be made from wood or repurposed trailers and aluminum vans, mostly because these are the easiest foundations to work with. In the future, however, we don’t have to be restricted to these materials and plain rectangular shapes, like this compact capsule that definitely looks the part of a futuristic residence both from the outside and especially inside.

Designer: Antoniel Felainne

A capsule is admittedly not the most efficient shape if you’re considering either stacking houses on top of each other or joining them from end to end in a grid. But while space considerations are definitely important in an ever-shrinking planet, it is equally or perhaps even more important to consider the human factors. After all, humans will be living inside that space and they need to feel comfortable, safe, and, well, at home.

The ONCO Capsule House concept tries to deliver all those while also paying close attention to aesthetics. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s hard to deny that the capsule’s shape is interesting and pleasing thanks to the absence of sharp edges and corners. The white exterior of the capsule gives it a clean appearance, though it will probably be difficult to maintain as time goes by, and this motif extends inside the capsule.

The interior of the capsule looks like a sci-fi movie set, with plenty of strip lights lining the walls and door frames as well as screens and panels everywhere you turn. Of course, other interior designs can also be used, though the capsule seems to lend itself perfectly to minimalist furniture with lighter color schemes. Although a capsule will technically have less space inside than a straightforward box shape, the circular interior actually gives the illusion of having more.

The design concept also includes provisions for having parts of the capsule actually transparent, like having floor-to-ceiling windows built directly into the design. Ideally, these would be tint-controllable windows so you can maintain your privacy when you need to but also enjoy the view when you want to. Constructing such a capsule house won’t be easy or cheap, but in a future where tiny homes are the norm, this could very well become a standard design anyway.