Little Shed-Inspired Home Is All Set To Offer You A Cozy Rural Off-Grid Lifestyle

Called the Long Shed, this tiny home is designed by Scotland-based Echo. It is designed to have a fully off-the-grid setup, and it is connected to the outdoors via a sliding glass door and deck. The home has an open layout which is all arranged on one floor. The tiny home is based on a triple-axle trailer and has a length of 35 feet and a width of 10 feet. The home needs to be transported to a rural site on the back of a large truck as it has large dimensions and needs to follow UK towing laws. Once the home has been towed on a truck, it can be then towed into place. A road-towable version will be made available pretty soon.

Designer: Echo

The exterior of the home is finished in a corrugated tin with a rubberized coating and has an ample amount of glazing, which allows natural light to stream in. The home can also be completely closed up using the sliding shutters when not in use and looks quite similar to an agricultural shed. Visitors can enter the home via a stowable gangway and a rear entrance. The large sliding door also has a deck next to it, which creates some cozy outdoor living space.

The bathroom is placed next to the kitchen, and it has space for a shower, as well as a composting toilet, with a sink placed between the two. The space with the composting toilet is designed to maximize airflow and reduce any odors. The Long Shed is equipped with only one bedroom and it has plenty of space for visitors to stand upright. It includes a bed and a stable-style door which also allows for separate access to the home.

The home is powered by four roof-mounted 415-W solar panels, as well as two 12-V batteries. 725 liters of water is stored in tanks, which provide water to the taps, shower, and water heater. The Long Ship is fully equipped to support an off-grid lifestyle.