This compact water boiler concept features scheduled heating that can be controlled from your smartphone!

Nomad is a battery-operated, compact, and portable water heating concept that includes programmed heating and smartphone controls to make heating water as simple as ever.

Nomad is the lifestyle of 2021. Like a newsletter we actually enjoy receiving, we’re all subscribing to it. With remote work becoming more plausible for everyone, a mobile lifestyle has too. While there are plenty of upsides to the nomad life, there are just as many challenges. Luckily, designers across the globe have come up with their own solutions. Industrial product designer, Hamza Bavčić created a compact water heater, aptly called Nomad, designed for the modern nomad to have access to hot water wherever their travels take them.

Inspired by the natural mobility of migratory birds, Bavčić designed Nomad to be portable, lightweight, and beautifully shaped like a stork. To make Nomad portable, Bavčić designed the water heater to disassemble into separate parts that be stowed away for easy packing and traveling.

Once all of the parts are put back together, Nomad’s heating abilities are activated once the device’s orange tip is submerged in water. Users simply place their desired cup of liquid on Nomad’s electric base underneath the heating nozzle and soon enough, hot water is at their fingertips. When there’s no liquid present, the heating elements are automatically shut off to ensure safe operation during and following use.

When traveling, having access to hot water means there will always be coffee in the morning and tea at night. While the entire product requires AC or batteries, once Nomad is charged, the entire operation can be controlled from your smartphone. Bavčić also equipped Nomad with programmed heating so once your alarm goes off in the morning, Nomad turns on. With Nomad, Bavčić makes sure that we’ll never face a morning without a cup of coffee.

DesigneR: Hamza Bavčić