Cuppa Uppercup

The Uppercup is a sustainable designed, reusable takeaway coffee cup that is elegant and durable. It comes as a great alternate to the disposable cups that we see out there. Constructed as a double wall tumbler, it is made of Tritan plastic and is ultrasonically welded. The BPA free design insulates the cup and doesn’t absorb odors and flavors and is fully recyclable. Looks cool too!

  • The unique rotating lid can be turned to reveal a tilt-up spout and then resealed flat to prevent splashes.
  • The PP and LDPE parts separate for easy cleaning and recycling at the end of life.

Designer: Charlwood Design


  • Uppercup says:

    Charlwood’s client James McKay is currently crowdfunding the manufacturing of uppercup. Pre order yours through pozible

  • whosaysitis says:

    It’s like a bodum double wall glass, and a keepcup, and a baby sipper.

    The nice thing about the keepcup is it’s nice and thin and light like a normal coffee cup. I like to feel the warmth through the cup. That’s why thermo flasks etc remove the drinker from the coffee – theres like half an inch between your hands and the coffee.

    I don’t think this will give a nice user experience.

  • adamlimd says:

    I agree with “whosaysitis” . Too chunky and won’t fit in stardard drink holders.

    Why reinvent what already works so well.

  • James McKay says:

    Hi whosaysitis, because we’re using Tritan plastic, we’re able to use a thinner wall for both the inner and outer walls whilst maintaining strength and durability, meaning that there is some heat transfer to let you know that the contents inside are hot. I agree with you that thermo flasks remove the drinker from the experience which is something we have avoided in the design of UpperCup. Cheers, James.

  • James McKay says:

    UpperCup will fit in standard drink holders as we’ve already tested the current prototypes in them. It has a narrower body shape that is less chunky than what’s currently available.

  • Salad says:

    Looks nice. First thought I had while only recognizing the inner shape: is this rounded at the bottom like some stand-up-toy? But still seems to have a very small resting point which will make it easier to topple over. Why not give it a bigger bottom pane to make it harder to topple?

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