MSI Gaming PC Watch is a dragon red themed, full-fledged rig for your wrist

Smartphones and laptops allow us to play games on the move. But that’s not always enough, especially when the world demands you to be ready and operative no matter the time or place. In such a scenario, you need a gaming rig that is an integral part of everyday life, keeping you always ready. Here, MSI Gaming PC Watch offers an instrumental solution.

A gaming rig for your wrist; the Gaming PC Watch takes a full-fledged MSI computer and shrinks it to the size of a wearable so you can strap it to your wrist and be game-ready every time. Designed in MSI dragon red theme, the watch PC does not have specifications to detail, but from what we see in the pictures, the system is complete with the branding and transparent façade.

Designer: Eslam Mhd

The wrist PC does not intend to be a watch, it has very subtle annotations on the right where analog watch hands are visible and the four pushers on the sides to toggle the features. From the word go, it is a wearable computer and the innards – fans, graphics, cooling, motherboard – all visible right through the watch face. The case appears to be made of some metal alloy with MSI logo at 3 o’clock, where you usually find a crown on a typical wristwatch.

Smartwatches have come of age; they are almost wearable smartphones for the wrist. Despite their acceptance and demand, smartwatches haven’t caught on like smartphones did a decade ago. The idea of amazing smartwatch innovation could maybe shift from smartphone ideology to computer periphery, and who knows things may just take off. At least the MSI Gaming PC Watch’s design makes me believe in the concept.

MSI is already a world leader in gaming and Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) solutions. It has some of the fanciest gaming computers and laptops that thrive on powerful hardware, good cooling systems, high-end graphics, and bewildering RGB lighting. It is only fitting for the tech giant to put its mettle behind the idea of a watch PC and see it through. Given MSI’s well-built and durable designs through the years, the wearable gaming rig too will give you the features and ability to access data and exchange information anywhere, anytime.