Olympian Motors’ electric SUV slated for Q2 2024 release, teases Cybertruck with AR windshield and a retro-futuristic design

Fusing the past into the future sounds like the best prospect for an electric vehicle in a landscape filled with ultra-futuristic EVs is a refreshing change. Olympian Motors is set to achieve what most motorheads will appreciate down to the core. Their Model 84 electric vehicle is the first ever rear-wheel electric convertible in the United States with an augmented reality heads-up display.

While you won’t get that first impression of tech-infused features in this retro-futuristic vehicle, you’ll be proved wrong. The projector on the windshield gets rid of the contemporary 2D digital screen and replaces it with an advanced HUD interface. According to the New York-based company, they’ll start deliveries by Q2, 2024 and only 310 units of this four-seater roofless EV will be produced in the first phase.

Designer: Olympian Motors

The car targets a niche segment of users who want to go beyond the limits of owning a performance electric SUV. That I say because Cybertruck has been all over the internet these past few months (years I should say) revealing its unparalleled pros but also exposing what’s not that impressive. The Model 84 is boxy and a little less sharp in its aesthetics, evoking the inspirational design of the iconic Land Rover that has been the definition of safari vehicles for decades.

The body is made out of forged titanium and military-grade carbon fiber which both provide security assurance in case of an accident. The use of the former means the vehicle is lightweight enough to not stress the electric drivetrain which will need every possible battery-conserving feature it could benefit from. Another safety feature is the inclusion of nine airbags.

The SUV can go from 0-60 miles per hour in a mere 8.1 seconds courtesy of the 340 HP engine, meaning it has loads of torque for that initial kick. The top speed of the Model 84 can hit 160 miles per hour and a figure of 335 miles on a single charge is also achievable thanks to the 89 kWh motor.

While the convertible safari vehicle is best utilized for four travelers, the two back seats can be removed for carrying luggage. It also comes with a glass canopy and laminated windows keeping in mind the possibility of windows shattering in shards which could prove fatal. On the inside the boxy EV gets exotic woods, cashmere and silk materials instead of the usual cheap plastics and veneer made out of toxic chemicals.

Even though it uses luxurious materials and high-tech features, the Model 84 favors minimalism more than anything else. Remember that AR heads-up display, in a way gets rid of those chunky dashboard buttons and switches. The focus here is on hands-free operation via voice commands to control everything from HVAC, seats and doors to the lighting systems.

As per Olympian Motor, the EV will be initially only sold in the US without any confirmation of any plans to export or produce it elsewhere. An asking price tag of $70,000 is right there competing with the Cybertruck, so it’ll liven up the competition once we see it going toe-to-toe with the Tesla monster in real-world conditions. Will it be better at tackling the snowy roads, well only time will tell. Pardon me, for that pun, but I had to tease Tesla for all that’s worth it!