GoChip Gets A Sustainable Design To Track Your Dog And Remain A Stress-Free Pet Parent

Isn’t it tiresome to constantly run around your furry friends and keep a tab on them? Well, say hello to GoChip – the ultimate digital passport for your pet that makes being a responsible pet parent a breeze! In cahoots with city governments, vets, and shelters, GoChip is rocking the digital pet ID game. Just attach a GoChip to your pet, and you’re all set to manage them right from your phone. It’s like your pet’s passport, always updated, always with you. Plus, it’s not just smart; it’s a style statement inspired by Japanese minimalism and the cool vibes of Bali and Goa. With GoChip, your pet is not just found; they’re Always Found.

Designer: ANCORD Design Co (for GoChip)

Pet owners are always stressing about their furballs. Traditional pet IDs like collars and tags are easily lost and often outdated. And don’t even get me started on the emotional rollercoaster of trying to track down a missing pet. Shockingly, over 10 million pets in the U.S. go missing every year, with a whopping 65% never making it back home. Nobody expects it to happen to them, but it does. However, even in this case this chip is installed on the collar and can lose its value if it comes out, but it is surely a better option than the traditional collar tags.

ANCORD Design’s mission was to change the pet safety game. They went from brainstorming to a product that’s both cool and functional. They delved deep into the competitive landscape, analyzing a myriad of tracking products, from pet-specific devices to general-purpose trackers. This comprehensive research allowed them to identify gaps and opportunities that GoChip could uniquely fill.

Sustainability and functionality were at the forefront of material exploration. The designers considered options ranging from silicone to ocean plastics, ensuring durability without compromising aesthetics—a crucial balance for a product meant to accompany pets on their everyday adventures. They drew inspiration from Japanese minimalism, natural elements, and exotic vibes and curated a mood board that served as their aesthetic North Star. This guided the product’s look and feel, ensuring a globally appealing design. They chose 3D printing as their mode of manufacturing for optimum use of materials.

The design development involved iterative refinements based on client feedback. This collaborative approach ensured that every design choice was intentional and aligned with GoChip’s overarching vision. The final tag consists of a tracker, and a QR code to access all the information.