World’s First AI-Powered Night-Vision Goggles give you Game-Changing 4K Vision in Ultra-low Light

Night vision technology has come a long way from its early military origins, now boasting better visibility, color reproduction, and clarity that goes beyond the grainy green images we’ve come to expect from action films in the 2000s… however, it fundamentally still relies on the same principles of using IR to help the human eye see in low light settings. What the AKASO Seemor does is game-changing, as it weaves AI magic into the entire process. While regular night vision goggles purely rely on large sensors and heavy image processing, the AKASO Seemor uses an AI-driven ISP algorithm that detects objects and shapes, compares it to its vast database, and uses that information to enhance what you see. It’s perhaps the biggest leap in night-vision tech, representing the kind of game-changing leap from using regular Google Search to AI-powered search like Bard, ChatGPT, and Bing Chat.

Designer: AKASO

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Designed to look like a pair of high-end binoculars with a digital viewfinder on one end, the AKASO Seemor is equipped from the top to the bottom with some of the most cutting-edge night-vision tech consumers can buy. A large 1/1.79″ CMOS sensor gathers as much light data as it can to observe objects and environments, while all visual data gets passed through the Seemor’s cutting-edge AI-powered ISP (Image Signal Processor) to enhance everything it sees. The 4-megapixel sensor is capable of recording videos and images in 4K, reproducing up to 99% of the color in the scenery – something other night-vision goggles struggle with. A whopping 16x digital zoom lets you hone in on subjects as far as 500 meters (1640 feet) away, making the Seemor perfect for everyone from surveillance personnel to wildlife enthusiasts, night-time adventurers, and just overall lovers of great tech.

Ultra-low Light Full-color Night Vision

The AI chops are perhaps the Seemor’s most impressive accomplishment, as it effectively taps into rising tech trends to meaningfully make its own features better. The way the ISP works is remarkable, because it tries and identifies the things it sees by comparing them to its massive database. That information then helps the ISP do its magic, adding details and vivid colors to the scene and the objects within it, even in ultra-low light. The AI also aids with other features like scene enhancement and HDR color-grading to provide some impressive results.

Visuals from the Seemor are displayed on its dedicated 3-inch TFT display, allowing you to easily see up to 3280 feet away from you. The goggles offer 7 different infrared settings (for how dark your scene is), while letting you toggle between color and IR viewing modes. In the color mode, you’re treated with stunning vivid hues thanks to the Seemor’s ability to accurately represent 99% of the color in its scenes. This means flowers look vibrant, skies look distinct, and your environment looks exactly like it would in daylight – despite the lack of sufficient light.

The Seemor’s visual chops go beyond just enhancing low-light visuals. With its incredible visual range, the goggles let you see as far as 3280 feet (1 kilometer), although the 1640 foot mark (500 meters) is where you’ll be able to clearly view smaller subjects. Beyond mere observation, the Seemor goggles also excel in capturing what you see. They’re capable of 4K video and image capture, and come equipped with H.265 video encoding, ensuring high-definition image and video quality. Media gets saved onto an SD card within the Seemor, allowing your night goggles to have a storage of up to 512Gb. Aside from a removable SD card, the Seemor also sports removable 3200mAh batteries, letting you quickly swap out an old pair out for a new one to keep the party going (each Seemor comes with two batteries to ensure you’re always ready for what nature has in store for you). The batteries give the Seemor up to 4-hours of continuous use in IR mode, and 8 hours if you shift to color. A USB port lets you charge your Seemor directly too, further prolonging its life.

Priced at just $179, the Seemor sits at the perfect crossroad between amateur night-vision gear and cutting-edge military-grade tech. However, it vastly outperforms anything in its price category, thanks in part to its game-changing use of AI. Each Seemor also comes with its own dedicated AKASO Aura app that lets you remotely monitor and capture everything the goggles see. Just mount your Seemor on a tripod thanks to its threaded mount and you can wirelessly view and record media directly from your Seemor or even transfer photos and videos over its built-in 2.4G WiFi link. The AKASO Seemor begins shipping as early as February 2024.

Click Here to Buy Now: $179 $289 (38% off). Hurry, only 66/150 left! Raised over $98,000.