Tasteful & Functional Cat Tree Is Designed As An Excellent Alternative To Cheaply Made Cat Furniture

For most of us, our pets aren’t simply pets! They’re our children and babies we consider our blood. We take care of them the way we would take care of our kids, and leave no stone unturned to ensure they are happy, healthy, and safe. If you’re looking for a new and improved way to take better care of your pet then you may want to look into Papuk’s CONNECT Collection by Vazken Karageozian.

Designer:Vazken Karageozian for PAPUK

Designed by Toronto-based interior designer Vazken Karageozian, the CONNECT Tree is an elegant and functional cat tree that is the ultimate haven for the kitties. Karageozian has two adorable felines himself – Grayson and Ella, and he decided to use his design talent to create something exceptional for his two favorite clients. As a result, Papuk which is Armenian for “soft and fluffy” was created.

The CONNECT Collection by Papuk offers a modular approach to the construction and design of a cat tree. It designs a cat tree as a multi-level system that can be personalized and customized with a bunch of attachable accessories, in turn creating a comfortable, cozy, and fun recreational activity for your cats, providing them with something else to do besides scratching and climbing your couch. The CONNECT Tree serves as the foundational element of the CONNECT system. It is the centerpiece of the multi-accessory system and is supported by other elements such as a scratching pad, cushion, tray platform, and hanging toy – which are available as a bundle or à la carte.

One of the designer’s motivations for creating the CONNECT Collection was the fact that most cheaply made cat furniture is disposed of in landfills owing to their poor and questionable construction and designs. The CONNECT Tree, on the other hand, features solid-ash dowels, ash-veneered plywood shelves, and accessories that can be added using genuine leather straps. The CONNECT Tree is designed by Vazken Karageozian as a solution that offers “inter-species happiness”, which is often found lacking in the pet product category.